My child is old enough to start school, how do I know if they are ready?

There are a number of determining factors to decide if your child is ready for school. Contact Miss Tish for her free school readiness checklist.

My child already goes to preschool, why do they need to attend Countdown to Kindy?

Even if they attend preschool, school readiness classes further develop your child especially if they need extra attention, are advanced for their age, or need further stimulation. This helps them follow a structured routine which is a necessity for school.

What does Countdown to Kindy offer my child that preschool doesn't?

A structured program, including themed weekly learning topics that concentrate on school readiness skills.

My child’s class falls on a public holiday; do I still have to pay?

All classes are paid in advance for each term, but a make–up class will always be offered. This is subject to availability.

Will attending preschool and Countdown to Kindy be too much for
my child?

Countdown to Kindy is a specialised learning, fun and stimulating environment.
Classes have been kept small and short enough to hold your child’s attention.

How long is each class and how much does it cost?

The Star classes:
$25 for a one hour class (3-4 year-olds)
Term cost - $250 (10 weeks)

The Rocket classes:
$35 for a one and a half hour class (4-5 year-olds)
Term cost - $350 (10 weeks)


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