“Miss Tish day” was my daughters favourite day of the week! My son completed another school readiness program prior to starting school but it was nothing like Countdown to Kindy with Miss Tish. Each class was so well organised and the weekly homework was completed on the first night each week. My youngest will start with Miss Tish next year and she is so excited!

Gretchen, Annangrove

When our eldest started kindergarten she could write her first name & that was about it which I thought was normal. As the year went on I realised how far ahead so many kids were & we spent our first year of kindergarten with my child in tears as she really struggled with letter recognition & phonics. This really impacted on her confidence which was heartbreaking. I was determined that when my youngest started school I would do everything possible to get her better prepared. It was a recommendation of one of the school Mums that I was referred to Mish Tish & Countdown to Kindy. I can honestly say it one of the best decisions I have ever made!!!!! Miss Tish gave me the tools to help my child get the best start in school life. Our little one is an enthusiastic & confident learner & I thank Miss Tish so much for making learning fun! If I had my time again I would enrol my girls from Age 3 as I truly believe if you have a love of learning when you are younger this will carry you through your whole life.

Lauren, Glenhaven

Do not hesitate to book your child into Countdown to Kindy right now! Miss Tish is truly amazing. It has made a huge difference to my children and their transition to school has been seamless. They settled into “big” school very quickly and were recognised by their teachers as being good students, both attentive and with academic ability. My children love Miss Tish and looked forward to their lesson every week. I am so very pleased to have found Miss Tish and Countdown to Kindy.


I cannot speak more highly of Miss Tish and Countdown To Kindy. Both my daughters attended these classes for two years ahead of Kindergarten.

As a teacher, and as a parent volunteer in my daughters’ classrooms, I can clearly see that they have begun school with a distinct (and possibly unfair!) advantage over those that did not have the Countdown To Kindy experience.

Both my daughters have begun school with greater confidence as they knew the alphabet, alphabet sounds, and how to write their letters properly. This means that they have had no trouble learning to read (in fact, all their teachers have commented on my daughters’ abilities to decode), and when writing, they have had fewer problems because forming their letters had become second nature to them.

They both have far more time to concentrate on other areas of learning in the classroom as a result of this learning prior to school.

Both my daughters loved seeing Miss Tish each week, and still, love going back for holiday classes.

Miss Tish is very caring and nurturing and is a dedicated and professional teacher. She went over and beyond for both my daughters and tailored the work and homework according to their individual abilities.

I have given countless recommendations to people in the community, and they have all felt as positive as I do about Miss Tish and the program.

Linda, Cherrybrook

I'll admit it, I was sceptical when my son started at Countdown to Kindy. I did not think that one class a week would do anything and boy was I wrong! In fact, I took my son out of an expensive private pre-school as Countdown to Kindy offered him so much more!

My son has just finished the Rocket's program and knows all upper and lower case letters including correctly writing them, basic maths and is reading early readers. He will be starting school a confident, happy child who wants and loves to learn all thanks to Miss Tish's program.

We found Miss Tish great with her communication but most importantly, she genuinely cared for each individual child.

I have referred many people and will continue to do so as I cannot recommend Countdown to Kindy enough.

Thank you Miss Tish.

Jenni, Kellyville

We would like to express our gratitude to Miss Tish and her effort with our daughter. Over the past 18 months of preschool, she had communication and interaction problems with her teachers. We found this was holding back her learning and development skills. We decided to look into some other options that would not exclude her from the rest of the class. This is when we found Countdown to Kindy and we are so happy we did. Miss Tish's close and personal style of teaching have brought her ahead leaps and bounds in all areas of learning and we are completely amazed at our daughter's progression in such a short period of time.

This makes us feel so much more at ease knowing that her transition into school is going to be that much easier than we originally anticipated.

Mia actually loves going to her class every week and we can't thank you enough
Miss Tish!

Stacey, The Ponds

My little girl has English as a second language and that was our main reason for sending her to Tish for the Countdown to Kindy Classes. She absolutely loved every class and it was with a happy heart that she started Kindergarten this year. By the end of Term 2 she was writing sentences and reading short chapter books. Tish's passion for teaching and genuine interest in every child motivates them to want to learn more but also be well-rounded and well mannered individuals. What an absolute pleasure to trust you with our children. Thank you, Tish...

Anneke, Cherrybrook

I was so impressed with the Countdown to Kindy classes. I even asked if my son could continue lessons with Miss Tish during his first year of 'Big School'. My son was forever asking me "Is it Miss Tish day yet?" and I thought she'd be great to keep his enthusiasm going throughout Kindy.

She is such a passionate teacher and goes above and beyond with her classes and that's why the children are always so looking forward to their next 'Miss Tish day'!

Amelia, Seven Hills.

My daughter attended Countdown to Kindy from the tender age of 4. She could barely pronounce her name let alone write it! After attending a year with Miss Tish, she learnt and grew enormously! She not only learnt to write her name, she learnt to write the alphabet, count to 100, basic maths skills, communicate nicely towards others and respect her peers all whilst having a lot of fun!

My daughter grew into a bright and willing to learn little girl and looked forward to her weekly classes with Miss Tish! She has now started Kindy and is thriving with her work! I can't thank you enough Tish. You turned our little gem into a super star!

Stephanie, Castle Hill.

Thanks for a great year. My daughter has really learnt a lot and is a much more confident little person who is now ready for big school.

Your passion for teaching shines through, thank you again!

Angela, Glenwood.

Our family have a lot to thank Miss Tish at Countdown to Kindy for. We had a gifted 4-year-old son that no pre-school or child-care was able to provide academically for. It wasn't until we joined Miss Tish's classes that my son was finally getting the stimulation he was craving and in such a loving and caring environment.

The Countdown to Kindy program gave my son all the skills needed to be the well adjusted happy Kindergarten student he is today.

Thank you, Miss Tish.

Allison, Castle Hill.

We highly recommend Countdown to Kindy for all children before starting Kindergarten. In a short period of time, our child grasped many skills that are a definite asset for 'Big School'.

Sanjay, Castle Hill.

I was delighted to have found Miss Tish the year before my son started his first year of School. Tish's programme aims to develop the whole child by providing a vast range of multi-sensory experiences that are age appropriate and arouse interest.

Having a teaching background, I was confident that Tish's program would equip my son with the skills that he would need for success at School.

Jo Anne, Kellyville.

I found my son wasn't being adequately prepared for Kindergarten at pre-school. Although he attended 2 days per week, he still didn't recognise most letters. This was a concern and I was referred to Miss Tish. She was amazing with my son and her passion for teaching was very clear. My son's confidence improved dramatically and her classes ignited his interest in learning his letters and to practise writing them.

With private classes in just 5 short weeks, my son could recognise every letter of the alphabet and their sounds. I was so impressed and my son was pretty proud of himself too. He truly enjoyed her classes and looked forward to them every week. Learning became fun.

Miss Tish was also an inspiration to me and gave me ideas on different ways to teach him at home. My son was finally happy to spend at least one hour per day on learning activities and I have Miss Tish to thank for that. I was confident that he was ready for big school (and he was).

I only wish I had discovered Miss Tish sooner.

I will definitely enrol my younger son when he is old enough.

Helen, Castle Hill.

Miss Tish had successfully taught my daughter at preschool so I sent my son to Countdown to Kindy halfway through last year. I only wish I had sent him sooner! He started classes without being able to recognise letters or sounds and could only just write his name. He now knows the alphabet and can read short sight words by blending sounds.

I can now send him to Kindergarten knowing he is well prepared and I will be forever grateful to Tish for her thorough and consistent teaching methods.

Kerry, Dural.


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